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Numerous interesting and hard to find recreation and survival SUPPLIES are available at the following web sites.  South Summit   CSP Outdoors

If you are interested in PRIMITIVE SURVIVAL and RECREATION then you may be excited about the information at the following web site. Primitive Ways  

TICKS can be a serious health hazard. CHIGGERS can cause great misery. There is something that has given some folks good protection. Tick and Chigger Protection 

Numerous pest control products, some of which are hard to find, can be obtained from the following stores. For many pests, including COCKROACHES and ANTS, bait type products are very effective and relatively inexpensive.  Critterridders (If necessary, you should be able to contact the Harris folks at 800-637-0317.) 

You can pay a lot for a good survival KNIFE but before you do, consider the versatile Bushman. You can find information about the Bushman at the following web site.  Cold Steel

One of the handiest tools we have come across is a camp SHOVEL that can be used as hatchet. Check out the "Special Forces Shovel" at the following web site.  Cold Steel

ARCHERY can be fun and practical but it is often difficult to find  good inexpensive equipment. Some folks have had good results with a sixty inch fiberglass recurve bow in the 25 to 30 pound range. However, compound bows can be very powerful and have better sighting systems.