Hebrew Keywords 

AMK Hebrew Keyword Translation Table

AMK keyword tables can greatly increase spiritual understanding. Careful study, including footnotes, is highly recommended. The Hebrew table continues to be in the development process and contains a limited number of keywords. New keywords will be added occasionally. 

AMK Hebrew Keyword Translation Table-HF

The HF table includes Hebrew characters which require the Scholars Press SPTiberian font for correct display. This public domain font can be downloaded to your font folder in less than a minute. The windows font is ready to use and just needs to be installed or copied to your Windows\fonts folder. One of the ways to do this is to right-click on the "Windows Font" link below, left click on "Save Target As", left click on the on the folder down arrow, left-click on "C", double left-click on "Windows", double left-click on "Fonts", and then left-click on "Save".  (Windows Font)  (Font Info File)  (Keyboard map link)  (Embedded font info link) 

To download to the Hebrew Keyword Translation Table in MS Word doc format, right click on the following link and save target to your documents file.  (Hebrew Table)

For the Mac font, download to hard disk, system folder, fonts. After the Mac font is downloaded to a Mac computer it may have to be "un-stuffed" before it is usable.  (Mac Font)   Font info and map same as above.