Keyboard Map of SPTiberian, a public domain Hebrew/Aramaic font

Created by: Jimmy Adair, Scholars Press

Last modified: 15 April 1999

Modification 1998FEB18: remove all vowels for final kaf except qamets, shewa

add single-word abbreviation mark

add sub-linear dots & circles for ms transcription

1998JUL14: minor graphical correction

1999Apr15: add Western accent marks

add atnah

add distinct dagesh for tsade

add square brackets


Description: SPTiberian exists in both Macintosh and Windows

versions, both with the same character and keyboard maps. By

design, all characters in the font lie between decimal 32 and 127

(20x-7Fx, 040-0177), so they should transfer without problem over

the Internet. The font is designed to follow the

Michigan-Claremont encoding scheme (see

<a href=""></a>) to as great an

extent as possible, though the vowel points have multiple forms to

allow for proper placement with wide characters, narrow

characters, and final kafs (and nuns).


The consonants are listed first in alphabetical order, followed by vowel points and then by other signs. Please note the distinction between upper and lower case in "key to push"; all shifted keys are so indicated. Also, note that vowels that are designed for wide characters (most letters) are all unshifted, whereas the corresponding vowels for narrow characters (gimel, waw, zayin, yod, nun) are shifted. Vowels that go with the final kaf (and nun) are mostly mapped to numbers. A few differences may exist

among keyboards for some shifted keys (e.g., is " shift-' or shift-2 ?), so people with different keyboards will have to make the proper adjustments.


character description key to push


alef ) ) (shift-0)

bet b b

gimel g g

dalet d d

he h h

waw w w

zayin z z

het x x

tet + + (shift-=)

yod y y

kaf-initial/medial k k

kaf-final K K (shift-k)

lamed l l

mem-initial/medial m m

mem-final M M (shift-m)

nun-initial/medial n n

nun-final N N (shift-n)

samek s s

ayin ( ( (shift-9)

pe-initial/medial p p

pe-final P P (shift-p)

tsade-initial/medial c c

tsade-final C C (shift-c)

qof q q

resh r r

sin/shin (without dot) # #

taw t t

patah (wide char) a a

patah (narrow char) A A (shift-a) - also furtive patah

qamets (wide char) f f

qamets (narrow char) F F (shift-f)

qamets (final kaf) 1 1 (one)

hireq (wide char) i i

hireq (narrow char) I I (shift-i)

segol (wide char) e e

segol (narrow char) E E

sere (wide char) ' (single quote)

sere (narrow char) " (double quote, shift-')

holem (wide char) o o

holem (narrow char) O O (shift-o) - also Mas abbrev, number mark

qibbuts (wide char) u u

qibbuts (narrow char) U U (shift-u)

shewa (wide char) ; ; (semi-colon)

shewa (narrow char) : : (colon, shift-;)

shewa (final kaf) 7 7

hatef-patah (wide char) j j

hatef-patah (narrow char) J J (shift-j)

hatef-segol (wide char) v v

hatef-segol (narrow char) V V (shift-v)

hatef-qamets (wide char) / / (forward slash)

hatef-qamets (narrow char) ? ? (shift-/)

sin dot & & (ampersand, shift-7)

shin dot $ $ (dollar sign, shift-4)

dagesh (wide char) @ @ (shift-2) - also mappiq

dagesh (narrow char) % % (shift-5) - also shureq dot

dagesh (yod) , , (comma)

dagesh (alef) ^ ^ (caret, shift-6)

dagesh (tsade) = = (equal sign)

rafe (wide char) { { (left brace, shift-[)

rafe (narrow char) } } (right brace, shift-])

maqqef - - (hyphen)

sof pasuq . . (period)

meteg (wide char) \ \ (backslash)

meteg (narrow char) | | (virgule, shift-\)

West accent (wide char) 0 0 (zero)

West accent (narrow char) 2 2

atnah (wide char) 3 3

atnah (narrow char) 4 4

dash _ _ (underscore, shift--)

paseq, vertical stroke ! ! (exclamation mark, shift-1)

space space


Special characters for Masoretic notes


single-word abbreviation ` ` (grave accent)

multi-word abbreviation ~ ~ (tilde, shift-`)

circule (wide char) G G (shift-g)

circule (narrow char) H H (shift-h)


Special characters for manuscript transcription


sub-linear dot (wide char) Q Q (shift-q) - damaged character

sub-lin dot (narrow char) W W (shift-w) - damaged character

sub-lin circle (wide char) R R (shift-r) - uncertain character

sub-lin circle (nar char) T T (shift-t) - uncertain character

left bracket [ [ (left bracket) - reconstructed text

right bracket ] ] (right bracket) - reconstructed text