Keyboard Map of SPIonic, a public domain Greek font
Created by: Jimmy Adair, Scholars Press
Last modified: 18 February 1998
Modification 1995NOV08: add macrons to indicate long vowels
Modification 1996APR12: add elision character
Modification 1998FEB18: add overstrike character for nomina sacra
                        remove asterisk
                        lengthen dash
Modification 1999FEB10: add hyphen character
Description: SPIonic exists in both Macintosh and Windows 
versions, both with the same character and keyboard maps.  By 
design, all characters in the font lie between decimal 32 and 127 
(20x-7Fx, 040-0177), so they should transfer without problem over 
the Internet.  The font is designed to follow the Thesaurus 
Linguae Graecae encoding scheme (see 
<a href=""></a>) to as 
great an extent as possible, with a few exceptions.  The most 
important exception is that upper- and lowercase letters have 
separate code points, unlike the TLG standard which requires an 
asterisk to indicate an uppercase letter (however, the asterisk is 
also part of the font).  A second major variation is that 
breathing marks, accents, and other diacriticals exist in two 
forms: one for use with narrow characters and one for use with 
wide characters.
The uppercase letters are listed first in alphabetical order, 
followed by lowercase letters, then breathing mark and accent 
combinations, and then by other symbols.  Please note the 
distinction between upper and lower case in "key to push"; all 
shifted keys are so indicated.  Also, note that diacriticals that 
are designed for narrow characters are generally unshifted, 
whereas the corresponding diacriticals for wide characters are 
shifted (the standalone dieresis, following TLG, is the 
exception).  Standalone vowels (e.g., before an uppercase letter 
at the beginning of a word) may be simulated by typing a non-
breaking space (7) followed by the narrow breathing mark/accent 
A few differences may exist among keyboards for some shifted keys 
(e.g., is " shift-' or shift-2 ?), so people with different 
keyboards will have to make the proper adjustments.
character description              key to push
alpha (uppercase)                  A   (shift-a)
beta (uppercase)                   B   (shift-b)
gamma (uppercase)                  G   (shift-g)
delta (uppercase)                  D   (shift-d)
epsilon (uppercase)                E   (shift-e)
zeta (uppercase)                   Z   (shift-z)
eta (uppercase)                    H   (shift-h)
vau/digamma (uppercase)            V   (shift-v)
theta (uppercase)                  Q   (shift-q)
iota (uppercase)                   I   (shift-i)
kappa (uppercase)                  K   (shift-k)
lambda (uppercase)                 L   (shift-l)
mu (uppercase)                     M   (shift-m)
nu (uppercase)                     N   (shift-n)
xi (uppercase)                     C   (shift-c)
omicron (uppercase)                O   (shift-o)
pi (uppercase)                     P   (shift-p)
qoppa (uppercase)                  J   (shift-j)
rho (uppercase)                    R   (shift-r)
sigma (uppercase)                  S   (shift-s)
tau (uppercase)                    T   (shift-t)
upsilon (uppercase)                U   (shift-u)
phi (uppercase)                    F   (shift-f)
chi (uppercase)                    X   (shift-x)
psi (uppercase)                    Y   (shift-y)
omega (uppercase)                  W   (shift-w)
sampi (uppercase)                  `   (grave accent)
alpha (lowercase)                  a
beta (lowercase)                   b
gamma (lowercase)                  g
delta (lowercase)                  d
epsilon (lowercase)                e
vau/digamma (lowercase)            v
zeta (lowercase)                   z
eta (lowercase)                    h
theta (lowercase)                  q
iota (lowercase)                   i
iota subscript                     |   (virgule, shift-\)
kappa (lowercase)                  k
lambda (lowercase)                 l
mu (lowercase)                     m
nu (lowercase)                     n
xi (lowercase)                     c
omicron (lowercase)                o
pi (lowercase)                     p
rho (lowercase)                    r
sigma initial/medial (lowercase)   s
sigma final (lowercase)            j
tau (lowercase)                    t
upsilon (lowercase)                u
phi (lowercase)                    f
chi (lowercase)                    x
psi (lowercase)                    y
omega (lowercase)                  w
smooth breathing (narrow char)     0   (zero)
smooth breathing (wide char)       )   (shift-0)
rough breathing (narrow char)      9
rough breathing (wide char)        (   (shift-9)
acute accent (narrow char)         /   (forward slash)
acute accent (wide char)           &   (ampersand, shift-7)
grave accent (narrow char)         \   (backslash)
grave accent (wide char)           _   (underscore, shift--)
circumflex accent (narrow char)    =   (equal sign)
circumflex accent (wide char)      ~   (tilde, shift-`)
smooth+acute (narrow char)         1   (one)
smooth+acute (wide char)           !   (exclamation mark, shift-1)
smooth+grave (narrow char)         2
smooth+grave (wide char)           @   ("at" sign, shift-2)
smooth+circumflex (narrow char)    ]   (right bracket)
smooth+circumflex (wide char)      }   (right brace, shift-])
rough+acute (narrow char)          3
rough+acute (wide char)            #   (number sign, shift-3)
rough+grave (narrow char)          4   
rough+grave (wide char)            $   (dollar sign, shift-4)
rough+circumflex (narrow char)     [   (left bracket)
rough+circumflex (wide char)       {   (left brace, shift-[)
dieresis (narrow char)             +   (plus, shift-=)
dieresis (wide char)               "   (double quote, shift-')
dieresis+acute (narrow char)       5
dieresis+acute (wide char)         %   (percent, shift-5)
dieresis+grave (narrow char)       6
dieresis+grave (wide char)         ^   (caret, shift-6)
macron (narrow char)               <   (less than, shift-,)
macron (wide char)                 >   (greater than, shift-.)
comma                              ,   (comma)
colon (raised dot)                 :   (colon, shift-;)
full stop (period)                 .   (period)
question mark                      ;   (semi-colon)
dash                               -   (hyphen)
elision mark                       '   (single quote)
hyphen                             *   (asterisk, shift-8)
sub-linear dot (uncertainty)       ?   (question mark)
overstrike for nomina sacra        8
non-breaking space                 7
space                              space